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East Coast Rescue Solutions Escape Kit Lumbar Bag

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The East Coast Rescue Solutions bag is a compact, lumbar-style bag and designed to fit around a belt or harness. The slim pouch easily stores 50-feet of bailout rope and a bailout device. Inside the bag is a velvro flap that seperates the rope compartment from the bailout kit storage area. Under the outside cover are two pockets that hold your bailout hook and a  two  velcro tabs that secure your carabiner in plave and the second holds the removable flap in place. The system is completely covered and secured by a tear-away cover flap that has an extended reflective handle so it is easy to reach while wearing your turnout gear. the bag has 5 attachement points to mount to your harness and two height setting with snaps.

*Bag set up for mounting to the right side of a class 1 or Class !! Harness

*Bag Measures 18x6x1.5" loaded with 50' technora rope, Bailout hook, descender and carabiner.

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