Man vs Machine Auger Prop

The Auger Prop is a heavy duty simulator that will allow you to train your members in the use of a variety of hand and power tools to gain access and successfully free your trapped victim. This prop will help to ensure that your department is competent and successful when the call comes for a person trapped in a piece of machinery.

- Auger is 28' long and is 6" in diameter
- Two separate steel access covers to the Auger
- Eight 5/16 bolts secure the cover, to be cut or removed.
- Auger can be manually removed or cut
- Two replaceable pipe section for cutting the Auger
- Top sacrificial 20 gauge plate to access Auger
- Top loading product bin
- LOTO box mounted to the prop for proper power off
- Chain Drive and Motor
- Prop can be filled with material for realistic scenarios