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Fire Hooks Unlimited K12FD Rescue Package

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Partner K-12 FD Rescue 14" Saw "Package"

Fire-Rescue Saw Designed Specifically For the Fire Service!

The "Package" Model is equipped with the following:
* Night Eye - A Streamlight Cyclone alkaline flashlight mounted to the bar
* Carry Sling - Heavy duty, adjustable, with reflective stripe
* Carbide Tip Blade - 14" 30-Tip
* Flasher Warning Light - Red LED mounted to top of the saw

The Partner K-12 FD answers the call for almost every cutting need on scene. It is the Worlds Most Advanced Rescue Fire Saw...
VENTILATIONS JOBS: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Flat Roofs, Trench Cuts, etc.
FORCIBLE ENTRY: Security Bars, Roll Down Doors, Fireproof Doors, Vacants, HUD Reinforced Doors/Windows, etc.
HEAVY RESCUE: Building Collapse, Industrial Accidents, Natural Disasters, Recoveries, etc
EXTRICATIONS: Aircraft, Buses, Tractor-Trailers, Passenger Cars, Auto Fires, Farm and Industrial Accidents, etc.
1) Chrome Blade Guard - For durability and optimum visibility
2) Mounted Sling Assembly - Adjustable, quick-release strap allows the operator to carry the tool over one shoulder, allowing full freedom of movement and leaving both hands free
3) Decompression Valve - Reduces the force necessary to start the saw by 50%
4) Large D-Grip Starter Handle - Large grip handle for mobility of use with firefighter gloves
5) Active Air Filtration - Internal and fully sealed, three stage filter system which protects against fireground elements
6) ReadyStart, Momentary Stop Switch - Push type switch that simplifies stopping procedure and resets for subsequent starts
* Engine: Air-Cooled, two-cycle
* Displacement: 94 cc
* Power: 6.1 hp
* Weight (Without Blade): 22.9 lbs.
* Guard: 14-inch
* Cutting Depth: 5" * Arbor: 1" Standard
In 1958, Partner introduced the world's first fire rescue saw - the original K12. Today, we are proud to bring you this new Partner K-12 FD. Designed exclusively for the fire service, pound per pound this saw is the most effective power cutter in the field. 6.1 horsepower, weighing an unbelieveable 23 lbs.!!!
CUTTING INFORMATION: For roof ventilation on a fire scene, using the 14" 24-tip Carbide Blade, the cutting depth will be 3-inches. A (14") 30-tip Carbide Blade has a cutting depth of 5-inches.

NOTE: Owner's manual calls for a 40:1 fuel mixture. In many cases, 50:1 ratio provides for easier start-up

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