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Fire Hooks Unlimited Husky Blade

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Specifically designed for Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) teams, the cutting surface of this blade is made with a diamond carbide and tungston material giving it the ability to cut almost any material while specifically crafted to reduce heat during the cutting process. This blade can be used on power saws with a 20mm arbor, with a knockout of up to 1 inch.

  • Blades available in 12" and 14"
  • Blade for Blade, the ratio is 100:1 of a normal steel (aluminum oxide) or concrete (silicon carbide) blade
  • Cuts any material in the fire service. Especially works well in cutting metal locks, bars, concrete, steel, roll-ups, car posts and any material found in a forcible entry situation.
  • Over 3.5 Million Customers Since 1999