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SKU#: ECRS- AllOneProp

East Coast Rescue Solutions All-In One Stand Alone Prop

East Coast Rescue Solutions All-In One Prop.

This prop gives you the advantage of having all your forcible entry needs on one simulator. With the all-in one option you get our Hinge pulling/cutting, rebar cutting and lock puller props. These props allow you to vary the height of each teaching station so your firefighters can hone their skills with real world applications.

All-In One Prop Includes:
2 - Hinge Pulling/Cutting Stations
1 - Rebar Cutting/Burning Stations
1 - Padlock Cutting Prop -with bending Jig
1 - Padlock Braking Prop - Case harnden
1 - Thru- the Lock Prop - inludes reusable milled lock cylonder

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