Escape Ropes

Petzl Vector Rope 11mm
Static rope designed for difficult to access environments and for fall protection Fusion Proce..
Sterling Rope 8mm PER
A compact and lightweight Personal Escape Rope (PER) rope made with 100% nylon construction availabl..
Sterling Rope 8mm PER SafetyGlo
Same construction as our 8mm PER but with a reflective tracer added to the sheath and reflective yar..
Sterling Rope RIT Response
RIT Response is a 9mm search and escape rope. The diameter of this rope makes it very easy to find i..
Sterling Rope SafeTech
SafeTech is an 8mm escape rope that has a Technora sheath and nylon core construction, heat resistan..
Sterling Escape Pocket Bag
The pocket of bunker pants is the logical place to carry their escape system. However, this requires..
Sterling Rope FireTech
The official rope of FDNY Personal Escape System, the FireTech is a 7.5mm escape rope made with 100%..
Sterling Rope EscapeTech
EscapeTech is a 7.5mm escape rope that has a Technora sheath and nylon core construction. A heat res..
Sterling Rope Searchlite
Developed for and the official search rope of FDNY, the SearchLite is a 7.5mm cord with reflective f..
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