Miscellaneous Hand Tools

Fire Hooks Unlimited Elevator Key Set
The elevator key set was manufactured to conform with the majority of elevator manufacturers access ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Hydrant Wrench
This adjustable cadium plated hydrant wrench features a non-slip celtex grip for safety. ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Mallett
Unbreakable 2lb rubber mallet with a solid fiberglass handle (1" O.D.) and sanded celtex no sli..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Ranger Mounting Bracket
This bracket is specifically designed to hold your ranger wildfire backpack. ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Ranger Wildfire Backpack Water Tank
The ideal tool for wildfire operations, with a thick walled polyethylene plastic tank, thi..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Sledgehammer
This sledge hammer features a 28" long fiberglass handle and is available in 8, 10, or 16 ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Brush Rake
The Brush Rake, good for forestry fires, features a 5 foot long pole with your choice..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Can Harness
This system will fit any standard 2.5 gallon pressurized water or foam extinguisher and is..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Extinguisher Shoulder Strap
This extinguisher strap, constructed of high tensile nylon with adjustable buckles, attach..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Goose Neck Pinch Bar
Great overhauling jobs, this tool features a 36" hexagon shaft, celtex grips, and a goose neck nail ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Brush Broom
The Brush Fire Broom has a 5ft long hickory wood handle with broom bristles made of Palmyra, a ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Extrication Hack Saw
This extrication hacksaw features advanced styling, comfort, and design with a comfortable grip,&nbs..
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