Petzl I'D L
Self-braking descender with antipanic function Designed for rescue: lacks gated attachment hole ..
Petzl I'D S Descender
The I'D is primarily a particularly efficient and user-friendly descender. To descend simply pull on..
Petzl Rescucender
Cam-loaded rope clamp Removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point o..
Petzl Rescucender
Simple to use and ergonomic, the Rescucender is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for ..
Petzl Rig Descender
Designed for rope access work (expert users only) Multi-functional handle allows the user to: ..
Sterling Rope ATS
The ATS device is a versatile belay and rappel device designed for both rock climbing and canyoneeri..
Petzl Ascension
Our handled ascenders have been refined to provide greater comfort, efficiency, ease of use. The erg..
Sterling Rope F4
Sterling Rope’s innovative escape device gives firefighters an advanced, yet simple tool for emergen..
Sterling Rope SR Rescue 8
The R8 is made for high-angle rescue work, larger than a standard figure 8, which will help the devi..
Petzl ASAP'Sorber
Energy absorber with integrated lanyard for ASAP Designed to connect the ASAP mobile fall arre..
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