Axes & Mauls

Fire Hooks Unlimited 8lb Force Axe
This 8lb force axe is 36" long with a large hitting surface area which makes the perfect tool to mar..
Fire Hooks Unlimited 8lb Force Axe Lock Slot
The Lock-Slot 8 Forcible Entry Axe is a perfectly balanced Force Axe in the hands of a firefighter f..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Dynamic Duo Maxximus
THE DYNAMIC DUO The ultimate firefighter forcible entry tool set. Includes the Maxximus forcible ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Luminous 8 Lb Forcible Entry Flat Head Axe
This luminous 8 lb. Forcible Entry Axe is the perfect tool for firefighters. Balanced perfectl..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Pick Head Axe 8 lbs
The Pick Head Axe 8 lbs, featuring a fiberglass handle, offers a large spike to maximize p..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Sledgehammer
This sledge hammer features a 28" long fiberglass handle and is available in 8, 10, or 16 ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Truckmans Axe
Made to fit all truckmans belts, this axe is 28" in length and features a fiberglass 6lb&n..
This Gemtor 15" long drop forged steel crash axe features a rubber handle and is insulated for ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited ADZ Maul
The ADZ Maul is a 8 lb sledge hammer with fiberglass handle and celtex grip. It also comes..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Flat Head Axe 8 lbs
The Force Axe, made with a fiberglass handle, is 8lbs and the ideal tool for forcible entry. Th..
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