Petzl Alveo Best
The ALVEO BEST is a lightweight helmet for workers at height. Its unventilated shell ensures protect..
Petzl Alveo Vent
The ALVEO VENT is a lightweight and ventilated helmet for workers at height. Its ventilation holes a..
Petzl EXO
Personal escape system with anchor hook adapted for locations where the possibility of finding an an..
Petzl EXO AP
EXO AP HOOK has a self-braking system with anti-panic function for quickly moving horizontally, clim..
Petzl Fixe Micro Pulley
The Petzl fixed micro pulley is a compact pulley with fixed side plates. This makes a great redirect..
Petzl Gemini
Highly efficient and lightweight double Prusik pulley Special side plates designed for use wit..
Petzl I'D L
Self-braking descender with antipanic function Designed for rescue: lacks gated attachment hole ..
Petzl I'D S Descender
The I'D is primarily a particularly efficient and user-friendly descender. To descend simply pull on..
Petzl Kootenay
This Petzl single pulley is designed to allow knots in the rope to pass through without hanging up. ..
Petzl Minder
High Strength, High Efficiency Prusik Minding Pulley  Special side plates designed f..
Petzl Mini
MINI Prusik Pulley  Highly efficient and lightweight Spare parts Prusik pulley. Special..
Petzl Oxan Steel Screw Lock Carabiner
Oval Steel Screw Lock Carabiner Steel adapted to difficult use conditions Keylock system hel..
Petzl Oxan Triact Steel Carabiner
Petzl’s new carabiner is formed from a very high quality steel, making it ideal for difficult condit..
Petzl Partner
The Petzl Partner is a highly efficient ultra-compact pulley Extremely lightweight and ultra-c..
Petzl Paw Large Rigging Plate
The Petzl Paw large rigging plate is great for easy organization of the work area and for creating m..
Petzl Paw Medium Rigging Plate
The Petzl Paw medium rigging plate is great for easy organization of the work area and for creating ..
Petzl Paw Small Rigging Plate
The Petzl Paw small rigging plate is great for organizing the belay and creating a system with multi..
Petzl Pixa 1
Easy to operate and extremely durable, the PIXA 1 headlamp is the hands-free lighting solution that ..
Petzl Pixa 2
Versatile and very durable, the PIXA 2 headlamp is the hands-free lighting solution for working comf..
Petzl Pixa 3
Complete and very durable, the PIXA 3 headlamp is the hands-free lighting solution that adapts to an..
Petzl PRO Pulley
The Petzl PRO pulley is very high-efficiency loss-resistant pulley. Openable even when attached to t..
Petzl PRO TRAXION Pulley
A very efficient loss-resistant progress capture pulley, the PRO TRAXION progress capture pulley is ..
Petzl Rescucender
Cam-loaded rope clamp Removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point o..
Petzl Rescucender
Simple to use and ergonomic, the Rescucender is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for ..
Petzl Rescue Pulley
An ultra-strong pulley with swinging side plates, the RESCUE pulley is very strong and efficient: id..
Petzl Rig Descender
Designed for rope access work (expert users only) Multi-functional handle allows the user to: ..
Petzl ROLLCLIP Pulley
This pulley carabiner is available in versions with or without TRIACT-LOCK locking system. The versi..
Petzl Rope Bucket
The Bucket from Petzl is a fabric pack designed especially for arborists. Protect your climbing rope..
Petzl Standard Rope Bag
The Petzl Standard Rope Bag is ideal for efficient rope storage and transport. The ergonomic grab-ha..
Petzl Swivel
The Swivel from Petzl prevents the rope from twisting when the load is turning.  Excellent perf..
Petzl Twin Pulley
High strength, high efficiency double Prusik pulley Special side plates designed for use with ..
Petzl Vector Rope 11mm
Static rope designed for difficult to access environments and for fall protection Fusion Proce..
Petzl Vertex Best
With its strong chin strap, the Vertex Best helmet sets the standard in head protection for wor..
Petzl Vertex Vent
A comfortable ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue with its strong chin strap, the Vertex..
Petzl Vizir
Protective face shield for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets.  Mounting inserts for easy installat..
Petzl Vulcan Screw Lock Carabiner
High-strength steel adapted for difficult use conditions For use with heavy loads Large ..
Petzl Vulcan Triact Carabiner
Steel adapted to difficult use conditions and for use with heavy loads. Large size allows easi..
Petzl Ascension
Our handled ascenders have been refined to provide greater comfort, efficiency, ease of use. The erg..
Petzl AVAO Sit
The Avao Sit from Petzl features a wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. ..
Petzl Navaho Bod
The Petzl Navaho Bod Fast is a versatile work positioning and fall arrest harness. It features a ste..
Petzl Top Chest Harness
The Top chest harnes from Petzl transforms the AVAO SIT, FALCON and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses into fall ..
Petzl ASAP'Sorber
Energy absorber with integrated lanyard for ASAP Designed to connect the ASAP mobile fall arre..
Petzl Cordex Gloves
Cordex rope gloves from Petzl boast durable, double layer goat leather palms and are just about the ..
Petzl Cordex Plus Glove
Lightweight belay/rappel gloves Natural, high-quality leather with reinforced palm Durable d..
Petzl Newton Harness
Basic modular fall arrest harness Upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate do..
Petzl Pitagor
Evacuation triangle with shoulder straps   Shoulder straps make it easy to put on Adjust..
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