Fire Hooks Unlimited

Fire Hooks Unlimited Extinguisher Shoulder Strap
This extinguisher strap, constructed of high tensile nylon with adjustable buckles, attach..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Goose Neck Pinch Bar
Great overhauling jobs, this tool features a 36" hexagon shaft, celtex grips, and a goose neck nail ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Husky Blade
Specifically designed for Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) teams, the cutting surface of this blade ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Lil Pro Bar
This tool is designed for the firefighter, truly the perfect "Truckie" tool featuring a lo..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Mini Pro Bar
This kit features an A-type lock cylinder puller which has been built into the adz end to pull reces..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Multi Purpose Hook
Great for penetrating Sheetrock, lath & plaster, paneling, and other materials, the multi purpos..
Fire Hooks Unlimited National Hook
The national hook features a 1.25" super strong fiberglass pole with solid ash core, malleable ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited National Hook w/Solid White Ash
The industry standard in the fire service being used nationwide. This hook has a malleable iron head..
Fire Hooks Unlimited O-Bar
The O-Bar features a steel forged and welded construction with celtex grips. This bar is very simila..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Diamond Blades
The Professional Diamond Blade is designed specifically for fire department operations, it is ideal ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Superior Diamond Blade
The Superior Blade is a better quality blade from the Professional Blade and is specifically designe..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Ultimate Diamond Blade
The Professional Diamond Blade is designed specifically for fire department operations, it is ideal ..
Fire Hook Unlimited  42" Pro Bar
Developed by members of the FDNY, Vthis halligan type forcible entry tool is 42" in length and is ma..
Fire Hooks Unlimited 54" Jumbo Pro Bar
This Jumbo Pro Bar is the same style as the standard pro bar but is 54" long and weighs 13lbs. It co..
Fire Hooks Unlimited ADZ Maul
The ADZ Maul is a 8 lb sledge hammer with fiberglass handle and celtex grip. It also comes..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Bolt Cutter
Heavy duty contractor quality bolt cutters are good for a variety of cutting tasks including locks, ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Bolt Cutter - Non Conductive
These non-conductive bolt cutters with fiberglass handles will withstand 25,000 volts per inch ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Brush Broom
The Brush Fire Broom has a 5ft long hickory wood handle with broom bristles made of Palmyra, a ..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Crow Bar Pinch Point 51
This 51" pinch point crow bar, with Celtex grip handle, can be used for moving heavy objects an..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Crow Bar- Wedge Point- 51
This 51" wedge point crow bar, with celtex grip handle, can be used for moving heavy objects and for..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Extrication Hack Saw
This extrication hacksaw features advanced styling, comfort, and design with a comfortable grip,&nbs..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Flat Head Axe 8 lbs
The Force Axe, made with a fiberglass handle, is 8lbs and the ideal tool for forcible entry. Th..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Gator-Back Hook
Specifically designed for roof work, this hook will cut lathe, plaster, and Sheetrock faster th..
Fire Hooks Unlimited Providence Pierce Hook
Perfectly balanced, lightweight, and strong, this hook is an update to the arrow type..
Fire Hooks Unlimited San Francisco Hook
This hook used by the San Francisco Fire Department since the turn of the century features a&nb..
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