Sterling Rope Searchlite



Sterling Rope Searchlite

Developed for and the official search rope of FDNY, the SearchLite is a 7.5mm cord with reflective fibers in the sheath and a strand of Technora in the core, which combined with a nylon core provides for added heat resistant and ease of handling. Features reflective yarns that illuminate rope when light shines on it and better heat resistance than standard nylon cord or webbing. Compact, supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable, this rope is easier to handle than webbing with gloved hands and is great for primary or personal search lines.

  • Elongation at 10% MBS: 2.90%
  • MBS lbs (kN): 3,911 (17.4)
  • Safe Working Load: 302 lbs
  • Weight (lbs/100'): 2.4

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